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Underrated (98) vs (74) Griffins

U6 Cup Season 4 – This was a game with playoff repercussions; unfortunately for Griffins they came undermanned.

Underrated realizing their manpower advantage came right away with their knockout punch. They pressured alomost all game long to force Griffins into committing turnovers. First half was just a nightmare for Griffins (21 – 64). Bodie Dienzo’s 26 game night and Bimbo Ortiz steady playmaking were the primary reasons why Underrated took control.

Mharl Haresco was led Griffins with 21 pts. But the 17-0 points off turnover disparity was just too much for Griffins to overcome. Underrated 98 – Griffins 74.

Please check out the full statistics via FIBA LiveStats
The Lechon Pinoy Best Player of the Game is Bodie Dienzo

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