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U6 Cup Season 4 (Div 2) – Finals Preview

This will be a Finals preview for Division 2 U6 Cup Season 4, with the Bull Ballin Brothers carrying a twice to beat advantage. Key factors will be relied upon by both teams to claim the title. Mentioned below will be the intangibles that will affect the game eitherway.


Both teams depend on this factor greatly as they generate possessions and translate to more shot attempts for their offense. Bull Ballin Bros’ Gian Esguerra and Brian Duerme will spearhead for their team. Their hustle and commitment in doing the dirty work will be needed upon for BBB’s defense and offensive attack. For Quantz even though playing with with a 4 guard / 1 big line up, surprisingly they rebound pretty well against bigger teams. Their guards scrap their way and are disciplined enough to box everything out before pushing it for a fastbreak.


This is arguably Quantz’s strength with Rhamwell Pablo’s superb mid-range game and their backcourt’s 3pt shooting. To say they live and die in the perimeter is an understatement but fortunately for them shot making is the least of their concern as they are on a roll lately and will be proven again in this finals. BBB’s outside shooting will be put to test even though it is not their strength but whenever they hit their outside shots they are tough to beat because it spreads the floor thus paving the way for their inside game.


With a veteran laden team, Quantz always seem to be composed. They commit fewer mistakes and seem to be relaxed whenever the opposing team are on a run. Allen Selda and Geronimo Loyme control the tempo very well and in effect more shot attempts and better communication in defense thus enabling them tough to beat. For BBB, this factor is a poison or a cure for them. Sometimes lack of discipline pushes them to commit mental mistakes and this frustrates them and rubs off on the game sometimes. But ironicallty this factor when properly channelled enables them to carry momentum and fire on their game and rejuvenates them somehow. Maybe attributed to their youth, this will be an important factor for them in crucial stages of the match.


As mentioned above, this factor comes hand in hand with teamwork. Focus and concentration will be key especially for Bull Ballin, recent stats show whenever they are composed good things happen for their team. Outside shooting clicks and more chances on fastbreak is being fuelled for their game. Their offense generates better defense. For Quantz, it’s the other way around, Defense is their fuel to generate good offense. They will frustrate you and make you commit mistakes and will run down the clock to test your patience.

Overall, whichever team that will shoot well on the field wins and whoever has the mental toughness will translate into a positive outcome. It will be a matchup of veterans against young bloods. But something has to give and this will in turn be an interesting match-up. As they always say throw the statistics out of the window and defense wins championship.


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