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SBP Cup Season 1 (Div 1) – Finals Preview

It’s a battle for all the marbles, a Win or Go Home Scenario for Division 1 SBP Cup Championship. With the Idols squeaking out an upset come from behind overtime thriller. With game 2 fast approaching this Saturday, below will be the deciding factors on who will bag the crown.

Battle of the Backcourts

Last game wasn’t different for Istoryans as their loaded backcourt came thru again and produced big numbers for their team. It was in fact thru this production that they established a big lead coming into the fourth period.  Gilbeys Cabrera, Bobet Carrido and GK Mercader will again be tested in the next game. But for their counterpart they withstood the pressure and managed to at least keep their production toe to toe. Sydney Maestro, Reychan Balsamo and Orland Flores were on their A game as they kept Istoryans off balanced with their inside attack and perimeter game.

Pressure Defense

With their bulldog relentless attack mentality, Istoryans pressure defense is the lifeblood of their strategy. By applying this neck breaking pressure they will try to put away the game early and will keep the tempo from there on. For the Idols getting the composure will be key again, they will need the same amount of determination that they provided and were able to breakdown some of the lapses of Istoryans. By applying the same pressure defense they forced the game to be faster in which Istoryans were in unchartered territory. In-game adjustments will be key for this important factor of the game.

Perimeter Shooting

This will be the biggest barometer going into the game. Whoever will shoot better on the field will surely claim the crown. Idols’ Kenneth Aguirre, Inan Aviso and Orland Flores will be tasked to provide the shooting that will be the lifeblood of their attack all game long. For the Istoryans, Norbert Ampong and Ryan Jorolan must produce and provide the much needed help to compensate Idols vaunted zone defense. This will be critical for Istoryans as the stats reveal that whenever they are sub-par on their outside shooting it has a direct impact on their defense as they typically get frustrated thus creating mental mistakes.

Bench Production

With the bulk of their attack relied on their starting five, Istoryans will be needing their bench to provide something. Whether it’s rebounding or hustling for loose balls, scoring will be an added plus even though the load will be dependent on their backcourt. This factor will be Idols’ strength as they rely on a deeper rotation thus providing fresh legs within the course of the game. Vincent Lacson, Fedrico Serioza and Kaycee Cruz will again be tasked to provide the extra spark that they will need to overcome whenever Istoryans go for their pressure defense.

All in all it will be another thrilling game with both teams expected to give their all-out effort for this knockout game. It will be up to the coaches on who will make the proper adjustment on key points of the game and to motivate their players to leave everything on the line. To both teams good luck and enjoy the game.


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