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SBP Cup Division 2 – Finals Preview

The Final Game unfolds this weekend for Division 2 SBP Cup, with the Greyhounds taking the first game and will try to pull the come from behind scenario against the Batokers. The following will be the key factors for both of the teams’ championship endeavors:

Defensive Rebounding

This is key for both teams, he who shall rebound the ball wins the game. In their past encounters Batokers took advantage of the rebounding game led by their frontline they controlled the boards that led them to easy fastbreak layups. But last game it was Greyhounds turn to take control of the rebounds, led by their hustle and veterans they managed to slow down the game and thus negating Batokers to their running attack.

Outside Shooting

Shooting will be a key factor also in this mini-series, as both teams rely heavily on their guards and their 3-t production. Relatively both teams are volume shooters from rainbow country with almost similar percentages. It will be interesting to know on how teams will adjust and compensate when shots are not falling.

Bench Scoring

Stepping up in a do or die game will be crucial, as everything will be on the line. Both teams are capable of scoring in bunches albeit; inconsistent sometimes but this will be the biggest intangible for the series. Hustle points especially on loose balls and fast points from the pressure of the defense will be counted on this time.

Defensive Strategy

Both teams usually prepare with their defensive plays, they even shuffle their defense to keep the opposing teams from adjusting. It will be interesting to see on how they will rely much on their zone defenses as both teams shoot from the outside. As to whoever will adjust faster and to whoever will shift their defenses from time to time will be interesting to see.

All in all it will be another battle from start to finish and will be another instant classic for both teams. Which team will have the inner fortitude to fight till the end will surely bag the crown. Good luck to both teams and enjoy the game.


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