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Quantz forced a deciding Game 2 for the U6 Cup Division 2 title

U6 Cup Season 4 – This is the Division 2 Finals game for U6 Cup Season 4, with the Bull Ballin Brothers carrying a twice to beat advantage. The first half was the key as Quantz managed to instill their vaunted methodical offense. Late in the second quarter they took advantage of BBB’s miscues and managed to create an 8-0 run to take control of the first half 28-20.

In the second half BBB tried to put the pressure and adjusted to their man to man defense. This was pivotal as Quantz were ready and countered BBB’s defense with backdoor layups. Geronimo Loyme waxed hot form the outside and provided 14 pts to break BBB’s back. He along with Aries Narciso and Rhamwell Pablo frustrated the young guns of Bull Ballin.

Their experience and mental toughness was key as from the get go they knew what was on the line. Game 2 will be interesting as to whoever has the mental fortitude to withstand the rigors of a championship game. Quantz 81 – 42 BBB.

Please check out the full statistics via FIBA LiveStats

The Lechon Pinoy Game MVP is Aries Narciso.

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