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Istoryans are the SBP Cup Division 1 CHAMPIONS!

SBP Cup Season 1 – This was the final Game for SBP Cup Division 1. The Idols snatching a come from behind win the previous game, they started the game hot and caught the Istroyans off guard. Led by Inan Aviso’s back to back jumpers Idols took a commanding 27-15 lead after 1 quarter.

In the second quarter Istoryans woke up and slowly creeped the lead. Gilbeys Cabrera carried his team with his hustle plays that resulted to easy baskets and managed to cut the deficit 48-45, Idols leading at halftime.

The second half was epic as both teams were relentless and refused to lose. Late in the ball game with Idols clinging on a 6 pt lead, Istoryans put the pressure and forced their opponents to commit crucial unforced errors. Late free throw shooting was key as the Istoryans came out triumphant with clutch foul shots form the Big 3 of Gilbeys Cabrera, Bobet Carrido and GK Mercader.

Cabrera was adjudged the Finals MVP with 19 pts, 14 reb, 6 ast and 6 stl.

Congratulations Istoryans for a well deserved win and to team Idols who put up a gallant stand and held their heads high in the agony of defeat. Istoryans 80 – 78 Idols.

Please check out the full statistics via FIBA LiveStats

Congratulations Istoryans, The SBP Cup Division 1 CHAMPIONS!

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