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Idols (65) vs (54) Mechanic Shot

SBP Cup Season 1 – The much awaited game for the SBP Cup step ladder semifinal match, with the winner facing Istoryans for the championship. First half was close with both teams never gave an inch to each other. Idols’ Jonathan Gupana led the way for his team with his 12 pts coupled with some unselfish plays on his part kept the Mechanic shot at bay.

Allan Limpin for Mechanic Shot waxed hot and kept his team in the running. His game high 18 pts managed to keep the game close as both teams were tied at 37 after two quarters.

In the second half, hustle plays from both Brian Duerme (11 pts) and Orland Flores (12 pts) took the Idols on a 9 pt lead going into the last canto.

In the final period, Idols were just relentless in the paint and forced the Mechanic Shot in committing turnovers that resulted to some uncontested lay ups. Idols advancing to the finals 65 – Mechanic Shot 54.

Please check out the full statistics via FIBALiveStats

The Lechon Pinoy Best Player of the Game is Brian Agnes Duerme.


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