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GK Mercader’s all-around game led Istoryans over

SBP Cup Season 1 – A matchup between the no. 2 seed vs no. 3 seed Istoryans for the SBP Division 1 playoffs. With the winner advancing to face Arsenal in the winner’s bracket and the loser to be relegated to the loser’s side of the playoff tree. GK Mercader’s stat game was on point as he delivered Draymond Green like stat line. His 19 points, 13 rebounds and 5 assists night was the catalyst for Istoryans to control the game in the first half.

For iMpunto, Gian Carlo Pana kept shooting and delivered his own 23-point output to keep his team almost on par after 2 quarters.

At the start of the 3rd period, Istoryans clingin on a slim 36-32 advantage, Ryan Jorolan and Gilbeys Cabrera stepped on the gas and pushed iMpunto into committing unforced turnovers. They combined for 25 points to generate a 24-15 3rd quarter run.

Roden Macalalad and Paul Retrado managed to help Pana on carrying the offense for their team. In the end too many turnovers proved costly as Istoryans came out victorious with a convincing win. Istoryans 75 – 63.

Please check out the full statistics via FIBA LiveStats.

The Lechon Pinoy Best Player of the Game is GK Mercader.




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