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GK Mercader carry Istoryans for their 3rd straight win

SBP Sup Season 1 – These two teams sporting contrasting style as the Strikers with their deliberate half court game against the run and gun wreak havoc style of the Istoryans.

Gilbeys Cabrera waxed hot form the outside the 5-7 clip from the rainbow area. He had 23 points and 4 rebounds. With Bobet Carido anchoring the attack with his unselfish plays and with the dependable GK Mercader stabilizing the attack with a near double-double output of 20 points and 9 rebounds.

Strikers were led by Jethro Jaurigue 29 points and 11 rebounds output wasn’t simply enough to carry his team over the hump. Roberto Garo and Gerry Barojabo supported the Strikers with 8 points a piece.

Please check out the full statistics via FIBA LiveStats.

The Lechon Pinoy Best Player of the game is GK Mercader.

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