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Cebu Gems (82) vs (70) Gombakers

Gilas Cup Season 5 (5’10) – A game featuring teams with similar styles, both teams relying on hustle and perimeter shooting.

At first it was close as either team never gave an inch to each other. The second quarter was key for Cebu Gems as they started to gain momentum. The triumvirate of KD DUmageng, Nino Densing and Andrew Teves proved to be the difference maker as the trio led a avalanche of points and combined for 59 big points for the Gems. DUmageng’s 15 rebs were big and were able to give the Gems extra possessions. Halftime 45 – 27 Cebu Gems.

In the second half, Gombakers decided to apply pressure defense. Ernie Medalle hit on his mid-range game (13 pts) and Nick Dawi’s 14 pts were key as Gombakers took advantage on points off turnovers.

In the end Gombakers momentum run out of time as the first half cushion was deemed unsurmountable. Cebu Gems 82 – Gombakers 70.

Please check out the full statistics via FIBALiveStats

The Lechon Pinoy Best Player of the Game is Nino Densing. 


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