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Brian Duerme’s double-double enough to beat Beast Mode

SBP Cup Season 1 – Knockout stage are on, this is what the playoffs are all about. Team Idols determined to advance deeper into the playoffs came out of the gates. Brian Duerme was exceptional, his shot making ability managed to roll his team with a 21-13 run in the 1st quarter. Federico Serioza and Kenneth Aguirre combined for 20 points and tried to break away onto the second half.

With both benches delivering the goods, Raymond Esguerra barreled his way with his 14 points to carry Beastmode. He and Beyanmar Atienza tried to carry the load for Beastmode. But Idols had an answer, Inan Aviso and Orland Flores shot the lights out their 28 points and above 50% FG made it easier for Idols to come away with the victory. Idols 83 – Beastmode 59.

Please check out the full statistics via FIBA LiveStats.

The Lechon Pinoy Best Player of the Game is Brian Duerme.



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